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Enrica Longo, External Relationships Director, World Mosquito Program

"From the first conversation with Stephanie Ralu I warmed to her. She is very helpful, reassuring and comforting at time of change. A move to a new country was overwhelming for our family of four with all of us at various stages of acceptance of the move and with very little support to get it happening. Stephanie and her team were helpful, kind and reassuring. In the few days I spent with her looking for a place to live she gave practical advice and was honest about what would work, and what would be challenging,. Apart from finding accommodation, Stephanie gave me advice about life in Saigon, introduced me to a few people, and pointed me to a few retailers and ways of getting things done efficiently. She was attentive to little things - a drink when it all seemed too much. A pause in a hectic schedule. A laugh. A light moment when it all seemed impossible. She listened to my questions really well and was always helpful. She asked about my work and was very encouraging that we would

succeed here. She is a delight. Does too much. Lives life to the full. Happy to say, we all regard her a friend now. We are very thankful to her."

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