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HMClause, Chris Schlesselman

"My wife and I moved to Saigon from California 6 weeks ago. Having lived abroad twice before, I thought I knew what we were getting into. It took less that a week for me to realize that Vietnam would be different. We relocated because my wife was taking a new job in Saigon. Her company hired Stéphanie Ralu Relocation Vietnam to help us settle in. Stéphanie established contact with us early, long before we came for our first visit to decide if we really wanted to move. She surveyed our interests and began to get to know us in order to formulate a plan that would best suit our individual needs. We were a special case, because we were moving our 5 cats to Vietnam with us. From the first email, communication with Stéphanie was steady and thoughtful as

she and her staff began to take care of every detail- more than we could comprehend at the time. Upon arrival to Saigon we became aware of all of the work that had gone on behind the scenes. A vet greeted us at the airport to help us with immigration of the animals, our utilities in our home were set up, arrangements for furniture, transportation, social events and more had been set up. As we settled in they were there for us to navigate the mazes of bureaucracy and paperwork that comes with establishing yourself in Vietnam and also to show us the best that Saigon has to offer. The best part about it, is now that I have known RV & Stéphanie I can say with authority that all of the restaurants, doctors, schools, domestic help, the transportation company, etc that were recommended to us were chosen because that’s who the people at Relocation Vietnam would use themselves. It’s that simple. We continue to rely on Stéphanie and Relocation Vietnam because we know we can

trust them, because they are just like us…but with a lot more experience and resources!"

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