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Trip in Whale Island

Whale Island is an idyllic tropical paradise located in the beautiful bay of Van Phong. Offering the experience of a stay on a desert island, Whale Island nestles among coconut palms and offers a pristine stretch of sand. There is only one place to stay, perfectly integrated into these beautiful landscapes.

The name of the island comes from the number of whales present in the archipelago. Legend says that they would come to save the fishermen. The latter, as well as the inhabitants of the island, give them a real cult.

What to do?

Whale Island is ideal if you want to cut yourself off from the world and relax

- Lazing on the beach

This island is ideal for relaxing and doing nothing, apartment enjoy the sand and turquoise beaches. 

- Snorkelling

Come and discover the turquoise waters of the island, the marine flora and fauna.

- Sunrise

For the early morning, admire the sunrise from the highest point of the island.

- Kayaking and Catamarans

If you are a sailing enthusiast, this is a way to discover the island and enjoy the exceptional landscapes and reefs.

Where to eat?

As for accommodation, there is only one resort on Whale Island. You can eat at the Whale Island Resort, where you enjoy traditional European dishes.

Where to stay?

Whale Island Resort

There is only one complex on the island, run by a Frenchman. Thirty-five bamboo bungalows with a traditional thatched roof are available. When you get out of your bed, you will have your feet in the sand facing the sea.

Address: Dam Mon Village, Dam Mon, Vietnam

The resort’s green programmes

The Eco-Resort organization. The buildings are mainly made of non-toxic and nature-friendly products. All structures are removable, which will allow to regain the natural state of the island in case of closure of the hotel. The resort saves energy by heating the water with solar panels. Water is transported to the island by boat at the same time as the passengers and is recycled through a plant filter system. All non-organic materials are sorted and stored before being transported to the mainland and sent to a recycling centre.

The resort is a member of Hotel Managed Marine Reserves. The resort is committed to the protection of endangered marine life (number of individuals, variety of species). Fishing, catching and collecting are prohibited throughout the island. Every year, the awareness program is a new success. Even the local fishermen thank this improvement.

The Whale Island Conservation Program. The resort aims to keep most of the island intact in order to preserve its unique collection of wild animals, especially birds. The walking trails will give you the opportunity to admire beautiful natural landscapes and unique species of fauna and flora. Walks of 15 minutes to 2 hours will allow you, during your trip on the island of the whale, to discover the forest, the mangrove on the opposite bay of the island or to enjoy a 360 degree view. Keep your eyes wide open: you may be able to see parrots, muntjacs, waterfowl or fishing eagles. To preserve this ecosystem, Whale Island Resort staff often participate in beach and mangrove cleaning sessions. It also helps the local population understand and assimilate the need to eliminate pollution in the bay.

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