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H O M E   S E A R C H   I N   V I E T N A M

Real Estate Agency

Living and working in Vietnam for more than 10 years, we developed many relations with Vietnamese and foreigners. This is why and how we became experts in real estate in District 1, District 2 and District Binh Thanh. We deliver the properties (houses, apartments, penthouse) that will suits you best. We know all the complications possible and will accompany you through your whole stay in Ho Chi Minh.

Home Search in Vietnam can be quite complicated, as there are several expat residential districts to choose from. See Expat Residential Areas for more information.

Traffic and commuting times are significant factors to take into consideration when choosing a residential area. Ideally, it should be near your child’s school, your community and your recreational activities.

The perfect house does not exist in Vietnam. Priorities need to be established and compromises need to be made. For example, an old colonial house, with worn down installations, may have a big garden and a pool. On the other hand, a new or modern house may not have an outdoor space.

Rental prices have been on the constant rise in the past few years. Today, the trend is reversing and you can basically bargain all categories of housing at all sorts of prices.

Our experience and advice in this field will prove to be indispensable. Having ourselves endured the unforeseen hardships of expatriate housing, we know this subject by heart. During the house visits, we will stay by your side to add our personal commentaries and recommendations and caution you when necessary.

We work with only a handpicked selection of real estate partners who share our values and work ethics and who prioritize the client’s interest above all.

home search vietnam

Home Search in Vietnam


Home Search in Vietnam - Program Overview

The objective of our Home Search program is to help you find and secure the best suited accommodation in your preferred location and at the best possible price.

Home Search in Vietnam - Housing Profile and Needs Analysis

  • Pre-arrival one-on-one consultation*

  • Comprehensive questionnaire detailing specific housing needs, concerns and criteria for optimized house visit schedules

Home Search in Vietnam - Pre-Arrival Assistance

  • Property research, screening and short-lists with our real estate partners

  • Free access to our on-line guide: The Arrival Survival Bible

  • Guidance and information support services*


Home Search in Vietnam - Welcome Kit

  • Our local city guide

  • Program schedules, maps and up-to-date community information 

Home Search in Vietnam - House Visits, Assistance and Support

  • Neighborhood orientation overview (schools, religious services, shops, sort clubs, recreational facilities, etc.)

  • Accompanied viewings of short-listed properties with real estate agents

  • House renovation requirements and inventory

  • Negotiation of monthly rents, terms and conditions with the landlord

  • Review, preparation and translations of lease agreements

  • Liaise advance payments and deposits if needed

  • Move-in property inspection and inventory 

  • Subscription, installation and connections of all house utilities (water, electricity, telephone, internet, cableTV, etc.)**

  • Personal shopper (furniture, interior decoration, home appliances, etc.)**

  • Any additional home assistance required to meet individual needs and interest

Find a home - Keeping in Touch

  • Follow up consultation*

 *Consultations and support services are conducted by mail, telephone, and/or Skype.

** You can have a look on all our Other Services

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