A L L - I N - 1   P A C K A G E

Hotel Booking

Before your arrival, we take into account your budget as well as your future plan residence to find you the ideal hotel.

Airport Pick up/Drop Off

A chauffeur-driven car will pick you up at the airport to take you at your hotel or home and bring you back when the time comes. So you don't have to worry about anything.

Welcome Kit

We reserve you at your arrival a small guide of Ho Chi Minh so that you can familiarize yourself with the place and locate you in the city. You will find all there useful addresses in it.


We discuss temporary housing, budgets, housing options, banking, lifestyles, security, child care, health care, schooling, religious services, shopping, transportation, recreation, social issues and other individual concerns and interests. 

An overview of the central business district, shopping areas, medical facilities, schools, popular residential areas and other places of special interest.

Any additional assistance needed to meet your needs and interests.

Home Search

The objective of this program is to help you find and secure the best suited accommodation in your preferred location and at the best possible price.

Home Search - Housing Profile and Needs Analysis

  • Pre-arrival one-on-one consultation

  • Comprehensive questionnaire detailing specific housing needs, concerns and criteria for optimized house visit schedules

Home Search - Pre-Arrival Assistance

  • ​Property research, screening and short-lists with our real estate partners

  • Free access to our on-line guide: The Survival Guide

  • Guidance and information support services

Home Search - Welcome Kit

  • Our local city guide

  • Program schedules, maps and up-to-date community information 

Home Search - House Visits, Assistance and Support

  • Neighborhood orientation overview (schools, religious services, shops, sport clubs, recreational facilities, etc.)

  • Accompanied viewings of short-listed properties with real estate agents

  • House renovation requirements and inventory

  • Negotiation of monthly rents, terms and conditions with the landlord

  • Review, preparation and translations of lease agreements

  • Liaise advance payments and deposits if needed

  • Move-in property inspection and inventory 

  • Subscription, installation and connections of all house utilities (water, electricity, telephone, internet, cableTV, etc.)

  • Personal shopper (furniture, interior decoration, home appliances, etc.)

  • Any additional home assistance required to meet individual needs and interest

Home Search - Keeping in Touch

  • Follow up consultation

School Search

The goal of this program is to help you make the best choice for your children, according to your own criteria, where you live, your budget and your academic standards.

School and Education - Needs Analysis

  • Pre-arrival one-on-one consultation

  • Comprehensive questionnaire detailing specific needs, concerns and interests for a comprehensive tailor-made program for school selection

Pre-Arrival Assistance

  • Presentation of the different schools and options 

  • List adapted to your needs of the different possible schools

  • Free accès to our guide: The Survival Guide

  • Advice, information and support

School visits: Assistance and support

  • Information and advice on which schools to choose

  • Scheduling interviews and appointments with schools 

  • Accompanied visit to schools

  • Assistance with registration procedure of the chosen school

  • Assistance in finding an external education specialist if needed

  • Any additional educational assistance that may be required based on individual profiles and interests. 

Candidate profile and needs analysis

  • Pre-arrival one-on-one consultation

  • Comprehensive questionnaire detailing specific job needs, operational requirements, areas of interest and general inquiries.


Pre-Arrival Assistance

  • Free access to our on-line guide: The Survival Guide

  • Guidance and information support services

  • Evaluation of the job profile

  • Personalized design of a networking program, schedules, interviews and appropriate contact lists.


Targeted business networks and support for you

  • Business in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Cultural training session (local affairs, work practices and value systems) 

  • Presentation of your Chamber of commerce

  • Information meeting and registration with local business groups

  • The business network: calendar of events

  • Information on your business visa and work permit

  • Employment and business law in Vietnam

  • The labour market in Vietnam

  • The tax system and legal accounting in Vietnam

  • Enrollment for language courses: Vietnamese, English, etc

  • Mentoring and coaching referrals if needed

  • Any additional assistance required to meet individual needs and interests


Targeted business networks and spouse support

  • Guidance and support in your job search and other area of interest

  • Assistance and advice on writing an updated CV

  • Referrals for mentoring and coaching when needed

  • Registration with local recruitment offices

  • Regular interviews with local and international headhunters

  • Enrollment for language courses: Vietnamese, English, etc.

  • Introduction to our business network if needed

  • Information meeting and registration with social groups, community associations, religious organisations, support groups, charity groups, NGOs, workshops, etc.

  • Introduction to our social network

  • Network: calendar of events

  • Any additional assistance required to meet individual needs and interests.


Cultural Awareness and Discovery tours

There are many advantages that come with an expatriation assignment in Vietnam. A chance to truly discover the culture and its’ people is one of them. Once you have settled-in, we can share with you our personal travel experiences and arrange authentic getaways, in and out of the city, for a true taste of what this beautiful country is all about.

What is your need when you leave Vietnam?

  • On site pre-departure consultation

  • Comprehensive questionnaire detailing specific departure inquiries and needs

When you leave Vietnam you need assistance and support

  • Lease termination and exit walk through inspection and inventory

  • Dilapidation management with landlord (deterioration and property damages)

  • Refunds of deposits if applicable

  • Cancelation of utilities and final bill payments 

  • Closing of bank accounts

  • Cancelation of insurance contracts

  • Help in furniture resale if needed

  • Pack and move management contacts and referrals

  • Pet relocation facilitation (export documents, vaccinations, transport referrals, etc.)

  • Booking temporary accommodation if needed

  • Any other departure assistance that may be required

Send off assistance and support for when you leave Vietnam

  • Flight confirmations (24 hours before)

  • Airport transfer

  • Any additional assistance needed on the day of departure

Keeping in Touch after you've left Vietnam

  • Follow up consultation if needed


Short-Term Rental Furniture

You’ve just left your country, your friends, your family. Your container is blocked at the port for X number of reasons. But you are renting your apartment or house without furniture and yours will only arrive in two months. Relocation Vietnam makes your moving-in easier with its short-term rental furniture.

Cross-cultural training in Vietnam is a practice that has proven itself over time. It allows managers to perform well in a new cultural environment. Indeed, working in a new country can severely challenge even the most effective leaders as they find the management skills, styles, and techniques that drove their success back home, don’t work with their new teams.

Cross-Cultural Training

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