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settle in vietnam

Well settling in Vietnam is the key to success!

Settling in Vietnam requires a little effort and curiosity. For example, not all groceries can be found in one supermarket. That would be far too easy. The same scenario also applies for clothes, shoes, furniture, beauty products and the list goes on.


To happily settling in Vietnam, you will need to know all the ins and outs, the up-to-date spots and the "off the book addresses" in order to find just about everything: imported meats, exclusive cheese selections, a must have croissant or pastry, your child’s esteemed piano teacher, your church, your new group of friends, etc. 


This is exactly what Relocation Vietnam provides : a smoother transition, and an easier integration into your new life in Vietnam, from expat to expat, from friend to friend. 


We have created a comprehensive on-line guide “The Survival Guide” which you can easily start consulting today for your settling in Vietnam. This ultimate guide book uncovers all you need to know when settling in Vietnam, particularly Saigon and its surroundings. We will reveal to you the major cultural dos and don’ts, our precious survival lists and tips, our best kept secrets, our top recommendations, our leading restaurant picks with our personal commentaries and much, much more. 

You will discover that living in Ho Chi Minh City is not so complicated after all!

Please click here to access “The Survival Guide”.

settle in ho chi minh city
settle in ho chi minh city

Settling in Vietnam - Program Overview

The objective of our Settling in Vietnam program is to provide you with the indispensable advice, recommendations and information needed to smoothly adapt to your new life and rapidly fit into your new community.


Settling in Vietnam - Needs Analysis

  • Pre-arrival one-on-one consultation*

  • Comprehensive questionnaire detailing your specific needs, concerns and areas of interest for a complete personalized program


Settling in Vietnam - Pre-Arrival Assistance

  • Free access to our on-line guide: The Survival Guide

  • Guidance and information support services*


Settling in Vietnam - Welcome Kit

  • Our local city guide 

  • Program schedules, maps and up-to-date community information


Settling in Vietnam - Support and Assistance

  • Neighborhood orientation (public services and facilities, post office, police station, clinics, places of worship, restaurants, etc.)

  • Bank account opening

  • Mandatory health checkup appointments

  • Medical briefings and tour of facilities

  • Mobile phone and 3G contracts

  • Embassy/Consulate registration

  • Household/personal liability insurance

  • Shopping orientation (groceries, furniture, interior decoration, home appliances)

  • Car rental and driver

  • Taxi card membership agreements

  • Driving license conversion

  • Information and advice on hiring household help (cooks, nannies, housekeepers)

  • Club and association memberships

  • Sports and recreational activities

  • Language courses

  • Pet care information and facilities

  • Any additional settling-in assistance required to meet individual needs and interests


Settling in Vietnam - Keeping in Touch

  • Follow up consultation*


* Consultation and support services are conducted by mail, telephone, and/or Skype.

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