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I M M I G R A T I O N   P A C K A G E 

You and your family wish to return to your country, but are afraid that you will not be able to return to Vietnam because of COVID-19? 

You want to arrive with your family in Vietnam to be able to work, but do not know how to do it because of COVID-19? 

Relocation Vietnam takes care of your COVID-19 Immigration Process. 

pack relocation vietnam

Immigration Process

We work directly with the immigration department, the labor department, and the health department to enable you to come (back) to Vietnam. We take care of everything: registration on the People's Committee list; acceptance of your arrival by the government and receipt of the approval letter. 

Flight Booking

The reception of the approval letter will allow us to book your plane. It is important to note that the plane will only be officially booked shortly before its departure, so you will not have to wait for the final confirmation before packing your boxes. Rest assured that we will be there throughout the process and will stay in touch very often. 

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Hotel Quarantine Advice

The list of hotels accommodating people in quarantine is updated frequently. According to your expectations and your budget, we will select for you three hotels that meet your needs. 
Some hotels offer apartments giving you access to more space. 
The price per night varies between 1,500,000 VND (65 USD) and 7,000,000 VND (300 USD). These prices usually include meals and transportation between the airport and the hotel. 

Hotel Quarantine Booking

Once the approval letter is in (our) possession and the flight is booked and confirmed, we are able to confirm your arrival date with the hotel. We will book the hotel you have selected and take care of all the administrative arrangements, telling you what to send and to whom. 


In conclusion:

  • The hotel where you will spend 14 days and undergo three COVID-19 tests is booked;

  • Your flight and seat(s) are confirmed;

  • The administrative papers allowing you to take the plane and arrive in Vietnam are ready. 

All you have to do now is "relax" while waiting for the day of departure. 

Work Permit and Resident Cards

We will meet a few days after your quarantine to take stock of your papers and collect the official documents allowing us to apply for your work permit from the local authorities.


It takes about 45 days to obtain it and therefore - because one follows the other - your resident card. If you arrive with your family, and only your spouse or you work, we will be able to obtain resident cards for everyone.

Additional Services

Relocation Vietnam is above all a company that offers relocation services, helping you to settle down and flourish in your new life in Vietnam. 

We offer various services that are not included in this package but can be added according to your needs: 

  • Home Search

Home Search in Vietnam can be quite complicated, as there are several expat residential districts to choose from. Traffic and commuting times are significant factors to take into consideration when choosing a residential area. Ideally, it should be near your child’s school, your community and your recreational activities.​Our experience and advice in this field will prove to be indispensable. Having ourselves endured the unforeseen hardships of expatriate housing, we know this subject by heart. During the house visits, we will stay by your side to add our personal commentaries and recommendations and caution you when necessary. We work with only a handpicked selection of real estate partners who share our values and work ethics and who prioritize the client’s interest above all.


​Click on the link for further information about our Home Search Services.

  • School Search

We are extremely sensitive to the schooling issue as this is one of the major apprehensions parents face when relocating. Our highest priority is therefore to help you find the most appropriate school, compatible with your child's wishes, needs, and lifestyle. 

​By being parents ourselves we have been faced with this very difficult decision numerous times. We have tested a large variety of schools and today the subject is no longer a mystery to us. Guiding and advising you to ensure a more comfortable transfer and provide peace of mind for the whole family is what we do best.

​Click on the link for further information about our School Search Services.

  • Moving

Relocation Vietnam was created by entrepreneurs with a combined total of 25 years industry experience. We possess an in-depth knowledge of international packing and handling standards, warehouse and storage facilities and customs clearance procedures.
We control our own operations and warehousing facilities and above all, we possess a desire to ensure customer satisfaction with each and every consignment and move.

​Click on the link for further information about our Moving Services.​

  • Short Term Rental Furniture

You’ve just left your country, your friends, your family. Your container is blocked at the port for X number of reasons. But you are renting your apartment or house without furniture and yours will only arrive in two months. Relocation Vietnam makes your moving-in easier with its short-term rental furniture.

Click on the link for further information about our Orientation Services.

  • Settling-In

Settling in Vietnam requires a little effort and curiosity. For example, not all groceries can be found in one supermarket. That would be far too easy. The same scenario also applies for clothes, shoes, furniture, beauty products and the list goes on.

 To happily settling in Vietnam, you will need to know all the ins and outs, the up-to-date spots and the "off the book addresses" in order to find just about everything: imported meats, exclusive cheese selections, a must have croissant or pastry, your child’s esteemed piano teacher, your church, your new group of friends, etc. 

This is exactly what Relocation Vietnam provides : a smoother transition, and an easier integration into your new life in Vietnam, from expat to expat, from friend to friend. 

Click on the link for further information about our Settling-In Services.

  • Other Services

We offer many other services to help you settle in Vietnam. We invite you to take a look at the list of other services and packages we offer. If you have a little time, don't hesitate to check out our blog to get an idea of what life in Vietnam can be like.

pack relocation vietnam
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