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O U R   C L I E N T S

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VP Marketing, PepsiCo

Stephanie did such a great job finding us a big house in Thao Dien district. I don't
know where we would have ended up without her. I am so happy we met her.


External Relationships Director, World Mosquito Program

From the first conversation with Stephanie Ralu I warmed to her. She is very helpful,
reassuring and comforting at time of change. A move to a new country was
overwhelming for our family of four with all of us at various stages of acceptance of
the move and with very little support to get it happening. Stephanie and her team
were helpful, kind and reassuring. In the few days I spent with her looking for a place
to live she gave practical advice and was honest about what would work, and what
would be challenging,. Apart from finding accommodation, Stephanie gave me advice
about life in Saigon, introduced me to a few people, and pointed me to a few retailers
and ways of getting things done efficiently. She was attentive to little things - a drink
when it all seemed too much. A pause in a hectic schedule. A laugh. A light moment
when it all seemed impossible. She listened to my questions really well and was
always helpful. She asked about my work and was very encouraging that we would
succeed here. She is a delight. Does too much. Lives life to the full. Happy to say, we

all regard her a friend now. We are very thankful to her.


General Manager for Sales and Development, Bolloré Logistics

Thanks to the professionalism of Relocation Vietnam and their great local expertise,
I could save a lot of time in looking for an accommodation! Ms Stephanie knew and
understood exactly what I was looking for! It took me few days to find a great house!
Relocation Vietnam could also guide me to better understand the banking system and
support me on the paperwork to get the working visa. Working with relocation
Vietnam is definitely a time saving solution that I would recommend to anybody!

testimonial relocation vietnam.png


First Solar

Thank you Stephanie for introducing me to your social network and potential future

business partners. I could not have done it without you.


Production Director, First Solar

Stephanie and her family became our close friends. Subsequently, our social

integration was very quick. Thank you.



The whole process was very easy and seamless. Upon the shipment arriving into
Vietnam, the team was easy to work with and delivery was organized and customer

service was of a very high standard.

When it comes time to move, I will be using the services of Allied Pickfords again and
would definitely recommed this organization to others for their relocation. Many

thanks to the whole team for all their work.


VP Marketing, Johnson & Johnson

Stephanie hosted an information dinner and introduced me to my future boss. It was
great having Stephanie’s support when we arrived in Vietnam. She is so well



Chevron International

We will recommend Stephanie to any expats looking for a serious, honest and
hardworking agent! She listened to all our needs and took great care of our interests.
She helped us at a time when we were desperate to find a home. She found us the
perfect place in less than two weeks. She has an excellent knowledge of the relocation
business. We will always be thankful to her for all her help and support.


Johnson & Johnson

How lucky we were to have met Stephanie. Saigon was a real jungle to us. Without
her help our assignment would have been a lot more difficult, especially for my



Procter & Gamble


We just wanted to provide a formal thank you note for the outstanding service
provided during our look & see trip and settlement process into HCMC. Your
knowledge of the area and your personal expatriate background was invaluable to us.
From the first moment, you understood exactly what kind of house we were looking
for, where we wanted to live, which school was better for our kids, and we always

honestly felt you were working for our best interest.

We are extremely pleased and will always be thankful for having you as our relocation
agent, we know our arrival to Vietnam would not have been as smooth as it was

without your help and support.



My wife  I moved to Saigon from California 6 weeks ago. Having lived abroad twice
before, I thought I knew what we were getting into. It took less that a week for me to

realize that Vietnam would be different.

We relocated because my wife was taking a new job in Saigon. Her company hired
Stéphanie Ralu & Relocation Vietnam to help us settle in. Stéphanie established
contact with us early, long before we came for our first visit to decide if we really
wanted to move. She surveyed our interests and began to get to know us in order to
formulate a plan that would best suit our individual needs. We were a special case,

because we were moving our 5 cats to Vietnam with us.

From the first email, communication with Stéphanie was steady and thoughtful as
she & her staff began to take care of every detail- more than we could comprehend at

the time.

Upon arrival to Saigon we became aware of all of the work that had gone on behind
the scenes. A vet greeted us at the airport to help us with immigration of the animals,
our utilities in our home were set up, arrangements for furniture, transportation,
social events and more had been set up. As we settled in they were there for us to
navigate the mazes of bureaucracy & paperwork that comes with establishing yourself
in Vietnam and also to show us the best that Saigon has to offer. The best part about
it, is now that I have known RV & Stéphanie I can say with authority that all of the
restaurants, doctors, schools, domestic help, the transportation company, etc that
were recommended to us were chosen because that’s who the people at Relocation

Vietnam would use themselves. It’s that simple.

We continue to rely on Stéphanie and Relocation Vietnam because we know we can
trust them, because they are just like us…but with a lot more experience & resources!



Moving your life across the world is difficult enough before all of the surprises come
up. Stephanie & Relocation Vietnam have had a solution for everything. They truly
have had our success & happiness in mind because they know what it’s like to go
through this. I wish they could help us on our next move-wherever that is.


Managing Director, Panzani Asia

Not only providing the whole range of service and help you can expect from a serious
relocation agency while I was moving to Ho Chi Minh with my family, Stéphanie has
been a real plateform to accelerate my profesionnal integration on the market,
introducing me to some key decision makers and influencers here in Vietnam thanks

to her very qualitative business network.


Saigon Pet Clinic

Saigon Pet Clinic enjoys working with Stephanie and Oceane at Relocation Vietnam as we
can see their love for animals and passion for their well being during transit is just as
strong as ours. We have built a great relationship on the mutual caring for our

communities's pets.



Hi Stephanie,

We greatly appreciate the support and partnership your team have provided.



Director, The Nest

Thank you very much to your support The Nest team since more than 3 years! We
are all very happy and lucky to have you in our co-operator, We have been working
base on the trust and respect each other. Your relocation is one of the importance
bridge to take new comers understand and know about Vietnamese culture, life style,
settle their new home and accompany with them for the house searching with The
Nest. To show many houses during a day or 2 days, you still have a lot of energy to
assist the new comers in each moment.


CEO, PVI Sunlife

Relocation Vietnam is a unique relocation support company in South East Asia.
Stephanie and her team of Local country nationals and Ex-Pat consultants provide a
great balance of local knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of
Vietnam paperwork, visa and customs paired with a true understanding the
challenges and stresses of expatriate assignments, having lived it themselves. One of
the most unique things about Relocation Vietnam is the independence of their advice.
They are not tied to pre-determined company arrangements are able to provide
advice and support that is the best fit for you and your family.
Stephanie was a constant guide in our relocation experience and had our best
interests at heart. Relocation Vietnam is knowledgeable, independent and responsive
ensuring their support is customized to each family's situation. Thank you Stephanie
for everything you did to make this move successful for our family.


The Central Group

We found the entire team to be extremely helpful, professional and very polite. They
worked relentlessly and respectfully of our precious belongings. They were flexible
and patient as we made our decisions - always responding with a smile ! It was a
pleasure to work with them and have them in our house.Thank you Allied Pickfords

Vietnam Team.


Co-founder, DRIVE Agency

Leaving in Asia for 2 years, we knew how hard it could be to settle up in a new
country, due to the language barrier and local organization. Thus, to save time,
money and be quickly operational in our jobs, we went to a professional of relocation

to accompany us in moving to Ho Chi Minh City.

From word of mouth, we've met Stéphanie and her team. It started with informal
exchanges to know more about us, give our preferences and define the best place that

matches our expectations. Thanks to Stephanie's devotion, her network and her
knowledge of Vietnam, we found a flat, meet trustworthy partners and get useful
advice, everything in a couple of days. Since then, we enjoy living here!



I would like to congratulate Relocation Vietnam Team for their excellent customer

relation and response time to our questions and concerns.

Stephanie Ralu is a very approachable person and she was there for us at every step
of this process even highlighting the pros and cons of schools and properties, etc,

understanding our personal situation.

Thank you for your great support during our relocation to Saigon.
All the best for you and the Relocation Vietnam Team!


ADEO, Leroy Merlin

I wanted to testify of the satisfaction I had to meet Stéphanie and Océane when I arrived

in Vietnam. A huge thank you to Océane for her professionalism, her listening

and especially for her availability. Océane followed me from the beginning

to the end and found the time to help me during my installation.

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