Being an expatriate in Ho Chi Minh City inevitably leads to culture shock at the beginning of your move.

Expatriate in Ho Chi Minh City - Getting to know the city

Moving to Vietnam is a real change of scenery. Ho Chi Minh City is the most populated city in Vietnam with more than 9 million inhabitants, it is unlike any other region of the country. With its 4 million motorbikes circulating in the streets daily, the traffic in this city is atypical to say the least.

orientation in Vietnam

Expatriate in Ho Chi Minh City - Program Overview

Relocation Profile and Needs Analysis 

  • Pre-arrival one-on-one consultation*

  • Comprehensive questionnaire detailing your specific needs, concerns and areas of interest 

Pre-Arrival Assistance 

  • Free access to our on-line guide: The Survival Bible

  • Guidance and information support services*

Welcome Kit

  • Our local city guide

  • Program schedules, maps and up-to-date community information

Orientation Program

  • We will discuss temporary accommodation, budgets, housing options, banks, lifestyles, security, childcare, health care, schooling options, religious services, shopping, transportation, recreational activities, pet issues and any other individual concerns or interests

  • A drive through and overview of the central business district, shopping areas, medical facilities, schools, popular residential areas, and any other particular places of interest

  • Any additional orientation assistance required to meet individual needs and interests

Keeping in Touch

  • Follow up consultation*

*Consultations and support services are conducted by mail, telephone, and/or Skype.  

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