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Make your pet relocation in Vietnam safe

Moving pets overseas can be a very daunting and worrying time, especially given that each country has different rules and regulations. If you know which country you will move to after you leave Vietnam, we highly recommend researching its pet relocation requirements and quarantine laws before moving your pets here. For example countries such as Australia and Hong Kong have long and difficult quarantine laws for animals coming from Vietnam. It can be very stressful for your animals and extremely expensive for you if you are having to pay quarantine fees for months at a time.

The good news is that many places nowadays do not require long and arduous quarantine periods before allowing your pet entry.  The US and most of Europe for example have made their requirements much more straight forward lately, and no longer impose quarantine restrictions.

With Europe you should start the process at least three months in advance, ensuring the ‘microchip’ is the first thing you do is very important.

After microchipping it will be necessary for a blood sample to be sent to London for a rabies test, after which time you must wait a couple of months to allow for the incubation period.

We work very closely with Saigon Pet Clinic and can manage the entire process for you. Their pet relocation services are used by hundreds of expats every year, and we work together to provide a safe and stress free journey for all involved.

We take care of your pet relocation in Vietnam

pet relocation vietnam

Our Approach for Your Pet Relocation in Vietnam

Our consultants will work with you to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Preparation is the key, knowing exactly what import and export regulations are required and when to implement each step for each specific country will enable you to know exactly what is required and how to complete the tasks in a timely, efficient manner.

Vet Consultation

Before we begin the process we will organize for our vet to give your pet an examination to make sure there are no health issues which may slow down the pet relocation process. Please also note that some short nose breeds are more difficult to organize flights for. In fact many airlines will refuse dogs such as Bull Dogs, Pugs and Pekingese as they struggle to breath at high altitudes and understandably airlines don’t want to take on that risk. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation statistics, over half of all dog deaths on airlines each year are short nosed breeds. Some airlines will take them, but it requires more steps, so again, something to be aware of before you leave.

Pet Relocation in Vietnam Flight Services

Most of our clients are far more worried about their pets flights than their own, which is very understandable. Flying is very stressful for animals, so ensuring everything runs efficiency is so important for making it a more pleasant journey.  Being on the same flight  as your pet definitely makes the process easier, however it is not essential if it isn’t feasible for you to fly at the same time.

Your pet's flight details will be sent to you in advance and one of the vet’s team members will even meet you at the airport to make sure it all runs smoothly.  Having someone there who is doing this regularly and who speaks the language is hugely comforting and takes a lot of the stress out of your pet relocation. 



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