Stephanie Ralu

The Founder and CEO of Relocation Vietnam expert team

Relocation Vietnam

expert team

Stephanie is the founder of Relocation Vietnam. An entrepreneur by nature, she embarked on this adventure more than seven years ago now. She is become a relocation expert in Vietnam. Former sales director of a communication agency in Paris and Brussels, her job has always turned her towards others. Therefore, she wanted to offer a relocation that can be tailor-made, that meets your needs, and that resembles you. Everything you are about to experience, Stephanie lived it in Vietnam more than ten years ago. You can rest assured that she knows the whole process and will be able to answer all your questions.

Oceane Thomazeau

Sales Manager of the Relocation Vietnam expert team

Oceane is our sales manager. Stephanie's faithful right-hand woman for the past year, she has an in-depth knowledge of relocation in Vienam. She will accompany and follow you throughout your stay in Vietnam. If you have any questions, our expert will answer as quickly as possible in French or English language. 

Nguyet To Anh

Expert of Immigration

Nguyet is not a huge fan of photos as you can notice, so we did our best to illustrate her!

Nguyet is our immigration expert in Vietnam. She takes care of all your administrative papers: visas, work permits, resident cards, etc. Originally from Ho Chi Minh City, her country holds no secrets for her. You can be sure that your papers are in good hands. Do not hesitate to contact her if you have any questions about immigration. A former student at the French and English school in Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyet will answer you in French, English, or Vietnamese.

Estee - Amandine

Communication and Marketing Team

This funny duo is in charge of feeding and improving our internet platforms. Thanks to their cooperation, our website, and our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) are full of tips, articles, and fun facts about Vietnam. Feel free to have a look, you will surely find some interesting and useful information. 

Phat Nguyen

Real Estate Expert

Phat is our real estate expert in Vietnam. He is in charge of finding the house or apartment that corresponds to your criteria and your budget. Having worked in the real estate sector for more than five years and having a vast network of contacts, you can be sure that you will find the right property for you. Phat speaks English and Vietnamese. 

Hoa Vu

Specialist of your Move

Working in the mobility industry for more than twenty years, Hoa will be able to answer all questions about your move to or from South East Asia. Always concerned about your satisfaction, she is reactive and applied. Hoa speaks Vietnamese and English. 

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