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S H O R T - T E R M   R E N T A L 


You’ve just left your country, your friends, your family. Your container is blocked at the port for X number of reasons. But you are renting your apartment or house without furniture and yours will only arrive in two months. Relocation Vietnam makes your moving-in easier with its short-term rental furniture.

Short-term rental furniture, how does it work?

As soon as you are aware of your situation, contact usWe will put at your disposal directly in your apartment before or upon your arrival:

  • For the bedrooms: Mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, bath towels, and hangers

  • For the living room: Dinner table, chairs, sofa, coffee table, lamps, and side tables

  • For the kitchen: Pan, pot, sharp knife, cutting board, plates, cups, cutlery, glasses, bowls, kettle

short term rent furniture vietnam

Short-term rental furniture 


The Welcoming Kit

After your flight, the time you spent at customs and the time you spent in the taxi, you will be delighted with the Welcoming Kit. This includes everything you might need for your first day:

  • First need: oil, butter, salt, pepper, water, toilet paper, paper towel, soap, SIM card, and a survival guide

  • Your first dinner: chips, pasta, tomato sauce, chicken, eggs, yoghurts, bananas, and one bottle of wine

  • Your first breakfast: tea, coffee, cereals, bread, jam, milk, and sugar

short term rent furniture vietnam

The cleaning kit will be delivered directly to your home, so you don't have to go to the supermarket. You will settle down at home, no detours.

It includes: Mop and floor cleaning products, 3 in 1 cleaning product, broom, sponges and dish soap, garbage bag and trash, cloth.

short term rent furniture vietnam

Short-term rental furniture


The Cleaning Kit

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