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"By Nature", the new concept for healthy eating

This is the goal of this company specialized in the delivery of food products. They offer complete foods that are 100% clean and safe to eat. You will find green vegetables, meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits all selected from partner farms. They want to promote good nutrition, health and longevity.

They sell these products through traditional retailing, but you can also buy on their website, make your own selection of products and be delivered home." It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain traditional purchasing methods and find clean, fresh whole foods. We offer five-star products and services that meet their needs and that they can trust!"

They also offer bins for green vegetables. These boxes are already prepared for you on the chosen days and the contents change each week. The choice depends on the seasonality of each product. They are grown and produced without the use of additives harmful to health such as plant protection products, vaccines, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, etc.

The meat comes from the UK, fed a completely natural diet, without antibiotics or growth hormones.

You can pick up your items in District 2 or have them delivered to you. Delivery charges in D2 are VND 20,000 and in other districts based on service charges. Your new orders will be available on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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