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Commercial permise in District 2

Relocation Vietnam is not only there for you to find an apartment. Indeed, we have the capacity with our team to help you create our company. Our team can find you the best place to develop your project.

Some of our customers would like to improve their living experience in Vietnam.

We are able to propose to you the most suitable places to build your business in agreeent with your criteria. Indeed, you will find you the best one with us.

Recently, we find the perfect showroom for one of our customer who had some special criteria.

We find him this commercial permise in Thao Dien.

This showroom is around 240sqm. It is really spacious and luminous. It fit well to their future company,

Moreover, we are able to negotiate for long term contracts or even short term - less than 3 years. It is really interesting for you, if you need to rent a place for your company which is suitable with your desires!

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