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In 2019, 24 million tons of #plastic waste is produced by only 22 countries around the Mediterranean Sea. It has been a multiplication by 20 since the ’60s.

#Vietnam is 1 of the 5 countries responsible for 60% of the #plasticpollution in our #oceans with #China, #Indonesia, #Thailand, and the #Philippines.

Everyone, at its scale, contributes to stopping this massacre:

  • #Norway managed to #recycle 97% of its plastic waste for seven years. Citizens buy the content but borrow the container.

  • A Norwegian billionaire has built a yacht, in partnership with the #NGO “#WWF”, which collects 5 metric tons of plastic per day. When we know that every minute, nearly 9 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean, the world needs more Norwegian billionaire.

  • The country of #Kenya. Anyone who is found using, producing, or selling a plastic bag faces up to four years in jail or a $38,000 fine.

  • Direct Imex decided in 2017 to develop the marketing of materials less known to the general public, but more #ecofriendly and reusable at competitive prices.

“Plastic bags are used on average just 12 minutes before being trashed”, claimed Christophe GIRAUD, co-founder at Direct Imex.

The company, which has been established in Vietnam in 2015, manufactures and exports shopping bags. Direct Imex accompanies companies from all over the world in the respect of the energy transition law by offering shopping bags in woven or non-woven polypropylene, RPET, organic bags, cotton bags… By being customizable, its shopping bags help companies in the diffusion of their brand or the promotion of one of their products. These bags are tailor-made with the on-demand printing of the customer, its desired types of bags, and options.

Several French famous brands from the mass retail sector have already trusted Direct Imex in the change of their environmental policies: Intermarché, Leclerc, Vittel.

The product Christophe loves to promote is #meshbag. These little bags, which are made with #cotton, are eco-friendly and #reusable. They are particularly useful in daily life:

  • For buying fruits and vegetables, the mesh bags allow you to let your fruits and vegetables breathe. Thus, it is better for your shopping.

  • For use in the washing machine, the mesh bags protect your delicate laundry.

  • For the more athletic ones, you can have bigger mesh bags for your sports clothes and shoes.

  • And a little bonus: they are foldable, so you can bring them with you everywhere!

Christophe helps us to choose the best one according to our needs:

1. 💪The Cotton Mesh Bag:

The cotton fiber is a natural material and incredibly good insulator of heat and electricity: cotton fiber textiles are often more resistant to moisture. Also, cotton fabric is extremely heat resistant. Up to 110°, the fabric will not be damaged. It is ideal for washing and the print does not fade when washed.

2. 🛍 The Polyester Mesh Bag:

The mesh bag in polyester is the least expensive option and it is a reusable product, ideal for containing fruit/vegetables or lingerie. It is a certified 100% virgin with food contact. Very flexible and resistant material with different weaving options, it is ecological because reusable and recyclable.

3. 🍀The Leno Mesh Bag:

The thicker and more resistant mesh bags, it is widely used in the industrial and agricultural field as it can support heavy loads. It is mainly used to transport fruits and vegetables...

4. 🌍The RPET Mesh Bag:

The washable RPET mesh bag is made from RPET which means Recycled PET bottles. It is light and durable. It is also reusable and machine or hand washable. The RPET mesh bag is a truly eco-friendly alternative made from recycled materials.

If you need more information about Direct Imex's products or motto, feel free to contact Christophe at

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