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Getting a e-visa to enter in Vietnam

Since March 15, 2022 and borders reoppening, Vietnam reinstored immigration policies and improved the way to get a visa. This process has been suspended during two years because of COVID period. E-visa allows tourists to do administrative procedure by themself. E-visa fee has been regulate by Ministry of Finance for 25USD and now, you pay directly onto their website. This regulation has been established to counter all types of attempted fraud. For example, some businesses or persons published false information on social networks or website and increased the fee.

Currentlym citizens from 80 contries can apply for e-visas (cf: Government’s Resolution No. 79/NQ-CP).

An e-visa is processed within three working days after the Immigration Department receives the completed application and full e-visa fee.

Currently, only 30 countries all around the world offer this type of visa's application.

Here, the link for the official website :

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