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Interview with Sandrine, Dermoestetica Beauty Spa

During my trip to Cambodia, I had the opportunity to meet Sandrine, the owner of Dermoestetica Beauty Spa.

Dermoestetica Beauty Spa is a company offering beauty and health physiotherapy treatments. It is a new alternative to less invasive surgery.

According to girodmédical, “Physiotherapy aims to improve physical health as well as restore motor skills. The therapy is used to treat several impairments and disabilities affecting the neurological, musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems”.

It is aimed at all types of people and improves both physical condition and relaxation.

The meeting with Sandrine allowed me to discover a new form of physiotherapeutic techniques.

Hello Sandrine, thank you very much for welcoming me to your practice here in Siem Reap.

Could you introduce yourself quickly first?


I am Sandrine, the owner of Dermoestetica Beauty Spa.

I studied physiotherapy in France and graduated afterwards.

Subsequently, I trained in aesthetic techniques in Argentina, Thailand and also in France.

I haven't just been a therapist in my life... For 26 years, I lived in New Caledonia as a reporter, journalist. I have, as you can imagine, the love of the condition and the image.

Following this experience, I decided to convert to my initial path: physiotherapy.

Ok, thank you for this quick introduction.

I would now like to know what prompted you to create this company.

Of course.

So, I opened my first company in France, Dermoestetica Beauty Spa. From the opening of the company, the success was immediate.

I therefore decided to sell after a few years. This first experience, as well as many salons visited all over the world, allowed me to develop new protocols and very advanced treatments. This has led me to specialize in the dermis and hypodermis for the past ten years.

I came to Cambodia afterwards…

Why Cambodia anyway?

I chose Cambodia because I fell in love with this place. Southeast Asia was the cradle of my first travels in my youth and my first adventures...

I settled in Siem Reap and decided to set up my practice at the Bastide de Caro.

I have 11 machines available in my office.

Very good thank you, could you tell me what programs are offered?

First of all, I would like to explain to you a little better what beauty physiotherapy is.

My treatments are, as I mentioned before, are non-invasive, painless allowing to act on both the dermis and the hypodermis.

I offer five types of program: WellBeing, slimming, lipocavitation, anti-aging treatments (face and body). For example, I can offer you formulas such as the anti-aging ones which are the most requested. These are quick treatments and not time-consuming. During a 3-day stay, it is possible to do a 30-minute session each morning before the excursion and to have results at the end of the stay.

Regarding the different types of programs, let me explain the principles as well as the results obtained.


  • WellBeing… I offer four types of program: detoxification and revitalization of the body (to stimulate basal metabolism), relaxation by thermotherapy (allowing relaxation of the body), drainage by electrostimulation (ideal for heavy legs) as well as the modeling on zone (allowing to shape in a targeted way). Sessions last an average of 40 minutes and cost approximately $64.

  • Revitalizing slimming treatments: this is a treatment chosen by overweight patients. Customers lose between 4 and 8cm in hip circumference on average, corresponding to 5 to 8kgs. I recommend to my patients about twelve two-hour sessions. The price for this treatment is USD 142.

  • Lipocavitation, or liposuction without surgery on the area, eliminates cellulite permanently. I recommend that my patients do sessions between 1 and 3 times a week, lasting an average of one hour. I offer two types of lipocavitation: classic and prestige. Prices for one session range between 108 USD and 129 USD.

  • Anti-aging facial treatments regenerate the dermis by stimulating collagen. I recommend doing one session per week. As for the prices: face (86USD), face/neck or face/forehead (108USD) or face/neck/forehead (129USD).

  • Anti-aging body treatments can lift aging skin. One session per week is sufficient and the prices are: arms (50USD), décolleté (43USD), buttocks, belly or thighs (108USD)

As far as consultations are concerned, they are unique by appointment.

Ok, thank you very much for all the details you provided! I just saw the Before/After images, the results are stunning!

Thank you very much for this constructive interview.

To find Sandrine, you can find her page on facebook: as well as on WhatsApp and Telegram at +85569411792.

The firm, as I pointed out earlier, is located at La Bastide de Caro in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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