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Stephanie's little trips

Departure by bus this morning at 8:30 am that we pick up at Pham Ngu Lau, a bus station in District 1. I reserved a small bus of about fifteen seats with the guarantee of a journey not exceeding 4 hours.

Indeed, 4 hours later, the driver drops us off at our hotel. It is 12:30 pm. After checking-in ourselves at the hotel, we discover the place. For this trip, we chose the Poshanu Hotel, a 4 stars hotel, well-ranked on and

The hotel is charming, the room is very spacious and the bathroom is very nice. It is located at the beginning of Mui Né, between the Victoria Hotel and the Cliff. The beaches around are beautiful, extremely clean.

Our motorbike rental arrives when we go to a restaurant for lunch. The guy is nice, welcoming and asks us 100,000 VND / 24h. It is worth the price. Direction the Sandals, the restaurant of the Sailing Club Hotel. The place is very beautiful, such as the terrace on the seaside. Our lamb wraps are delicious.

We walk a bit on the beach of the hotel to digest. This part of the beach is for the kite surfers. We note with surprise that some famous hotels which were full last year, like the Coco Beach, are closed or in construction. We will be taught after that is was because of the COVID-19 situation. As for the beach, it is superb.

Back to our hotel, we enjoy the swimming pool and the beaches around. It is already 5:30 pm, it is practically night. Time for our shower and a small rest well deserved before leaving for dinner. Tonight, we choose BiBo, a Vietnamese seafood restaurant that we know well. It is an institution in Mui Né: crabs, scallops, sea knives, shrimps, and so on. The restaurant is full, there is an atmosphere, which is absolutely not the case elsewhere! We will sleep on that.

The breakfast is a very bad surprise: either it is a pho, or a banh mi, whereas we are in a 4 stars hotel. The excuse is COVID-19. I get angry. It ends in slices of bread and honey, a disaster.

I do not let myself go, direction walk of one hour approximately on the big, very clean, splendid beach. It is Happiness. A dive in the sea, followed by one in the pool. It is already 11 am. A shower and it is time to go to the Victoria Mui Né Hotel where I will interview Anton Bespalov, the manager of the hotel, that you can read here.

To be honest, I should have chosen this hotel which was a little more expensive, but with special offers, and without any comparison. It will be for the next time!

We decide to have lunch at the Victoria. The view is magnificent. Pork Ribs, caesar salad, lava cake, and Crème Brulée. A delight.

Now that we have to digest it all, let's go for a walk. We leave towards wilder beaches between Rang Garden Hotel and Fairy Stream. To my great surprise, all the beaches have been cleaned, the palm trees fall in the water, the fishermen prepare their nets in their round boat.

Paul finds swings hanging from the palm trees and I find hundreds of shells, including these little pieces of blue ceramic that I like so much. I always tell myself that I want to make a bracelet out of them, but I have to find the jewelry store or the little designer that will interest me. (If you have any ideas, I'm interested!)

It's 6 pm when we get back to the hotel. We have the same ritual: we try the bathtub, we find ourselves with a lukewarm bath, but the heater heats every 5 minutes, we found the technique.

This evening, it is Savoyard fondue and swiss burger at the Mui Né Swiss House. What can I say... A treat. The cheese is imported from Switzerland, the atmosphere is great and the boss is taking care of everything.

After such an ordeal, and given that the night is superb, with full moon integrated, we walk on the beach below our hotel, it is a magic moment.

They will not get us twice with their local breakfast. We go back to the Victoria Mui Né Hotel where we offer ourselves 2 breakfasts worthy of the name: home-made croissants, home-made yogurts, and a lot of other things. We hurry anyway. We have Fairy Stream to visit.

I confess that it is still very nice but it is not what it used to be. It used to be wild, from time to time some detritus here and there. But today, entrance ticket at the arrival. Billboards everywhere, small street restaurants all along, big orange garbage can, and signs with all the recommendations of use, and, of course, detritus anyway! It escapes me...

A lunch break in a place we like very much: the Sukothai, the restaurant on the beach of the Sunsea Hotel, before taking the bus back to Saigon.

This time, we didn't go to the white dunes that we know well, but I swear, we did last year.

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