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Family Weekend in Phu Quoc

Day 1

Departure in the morning at 10.15AM from Ho Chi Minh Airport.

Phu Quoc is a 55 min flight from Vietnam but the landscapes are different..

We arrived in Phu Quoc around 11.10AM and then took a grab car (200k/VND) to reach the west coast

After about twenty minutes, we arrived to the hotel.

Arriving at the hotel around 12:00PM-12:15PM, we took the time to discover the place.

There is a a bar, restaurant but also a two pools.

It is a hotel with a very nice reception, people are nice and the room staff is listening.

It is possible to take the breakfast option.

After having visited the hotel and these facilities, we spend our afternoon to enjoy the beach and the swimming pool! It was so cool to be in holidays under the sun in January!

One thing which is interesting to know about this resort too it's that they will propose you a free cocktail during the happy hour (from 4 to 5PM) directly at the Malabar! It has been created in the spirit of our spice trader’s retreat, The Malabar is a tranquil space on Ba Keo Beach, serving curated cocktails and craft and draught beer.

Daytime life therefore gives way to nightlife.

That evening, we decided to stay at the resort to enjoy the beach by night.

A bottle of wine - crisps and sunset... We can call that paradise...

Day 2

Get up the next day around 7AM.

Departure for a day trip at 8AM with John's Tours company.

They pick up us to our hotel reception and we took a bus to the final destination.

We decided to take trip number 3! We arrive at An Thoi Harbor by bys and board on their boat.

To be honest it took so long to leave the harbor....

During this trip, we have visited 3 popular island of the south Phu Quoc...

Gam Ghi Island was the first one. We have done snokeling there during thirty minutes. It was beautiful to explore the underwater world at Phu Quoc island"s largest coral reef!

After this, we took the boat during maybe ten minutes then we arrived at Buom Island! Here, the water was clearer than the other one. This spot is really cool to snorkeling and admring corals. We stay there maybe a half hour. It was the first time I was doing that in my whole life.

Then, we got back into the boat and the staff served us the meal. it

was a friendly moment because we shared the meal with strangers from various and varied countries.

Lqter, we went to the third island called May Rut Trong here you can enjoy your free time and discover the white sand lagoon.

We get back to the resort around 5PM by bus. They drop us at the cottage reception again.

After a dip in the swimming pool, we took a shower and we dediced to have a drink at Rory's beach bar. We ate and drank and we went back to the hostel around 11PM.

Be careful! When you have to get back to your place, if its far and late, you don't have any grab car or bike.

Day 3

The next morning, wake up at 10AM to enjoy the breakfast. Normally, I never eat breakfast but here it was great near the swimming pool... Kinda interesting when you just want to chill out.

We enjoyed the swimming and the beach during the rest of the morning. Be careful about surbuns, sun is aggressive here.

After this, we decided to visit a little bit the island and we decided to go to the Waterfalls. It was beautiful and only 150k/VND to enter.

We took maybe 2 hours to enjoy this place and to be honest, you can stay longer.

During this day, we took our times to visit beautiful places such as Phu Quoc Village, the waterfalls... Also, we walked on the beach and saw the sunset... We already missed that.

We got back to the resort at 7PM maybe and got a shower... After all, we planned to eat outside, some seafood was the best deal. You can find some good places and prices are kind of reasonnable.

Phu Quoc is interesting to see by night, especially the night-market. You can find here some goodies for your friends and family such as jewels or food.

On our way back to the hotel we decided to stop at a beach bar. There was a show that night with fire-eaters and dancers. The show was very beautiful to see but was exceptional. It lasted a little over an hour.

We were lucky to find this.

Thereafter, we decided to return to the hotel because we had our flight the next day early in the morning.

Day 4

It was our last day in Phu Quoc....

We woke up early and flight back to Saigon.

Weekends in Phu Quoc are very interesting and especially if you travel with your family!

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Daniel Tran
Daniel Tran
Nov 06, 2023

We're planning to visit Phu Quoc next month and we're lucky enough to come across your article. Thank you for sharing such helpful insights!

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