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Weekend alone in bangkok

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Day 1

Departure in the morning at 8 am from Ho Chi Minh Airport.

Thailand is a 1h10 flight from Vietnam but the landscapes are different between the two countries and between the two cultures.

I arrived in Bangkok around 11AM and then took the bus (60 baths) to reach the city centre.

It is also possible to rent a car or take a taxi.

After about an hour, I arrived in the center of Bangkok. I took a hotel in the middle of the backpacker district, Phra Nahkon. So there are a lot of tourists in that area! Like me!

Arriving at the hotel around 12:00PM-12:15PM, I took the time to discover the place.

There is a restaurant but also a rooftop pool.

It is a hotel with a very nice reception, people are nice and the room staff is listening.

It is possible to take the breakfast option.

This hotel is good for traveling alone because it is the right compromise between an expensive hotel with the same specificities and a youth hostel.

The only downside : The soundproofing..

After having visited the hotel and these facilities, I went to the monuments to see the most beautiful near my anchorage.

Discover the Wat Ratchabadaram Worawihan , then the Wat Saket or more commonly called the Golden Mountain. This place is the only hill in Bangkok, which gives even more grandeur to the figure of Buddha. 344 steps to stretch your thighs and reach the top of the "mountain" for a panoramic view of the city.

The entrance fee is 50 baths for foreign adults.

Strolling around the city is very pleasant in the afternoon even if it is very hot!

Here are some examples of the places I was able to visit in the city the afternoon of the first day that then took me to Chinatown.I didn't see the afternoon go by and got a little lost as a result, I arrived there at 5.15PM while it closed at 5PM. Note for later: better watch the opening hours! Possible option: visit Chinatown by bike, there are tours that are offered.

A little dip in the pool on the way back, very pleasant after a good sweat!

Daytime life therefore gives way to nightlife.

That evening, I took the opportunity to make a small restaurant whose address I will not give you... Not a very good quality/price ratio if you know what I mean!

After I enjoyed the Bangkoke nightlife by strolling along the lively Khoasan Road. Super cool : lots of bars, lots of music.

Then I took the opportunity, on the advice of locals, to go to the Indian night market. There are no tourists, only locals who enjoy the nightlife around street food, music and beers.

Go back to hotel around 1 AM

Day 2

Get up the next day around 7AM.

Departure for another famous temple of the city: the Wat Pho or Wat Phra Chettuphon, temple of the reclining Buddha.

It is one of the largest and oldest Buddhist temples in Bangkok. Its total area is eight hectares so it takes at least two hours to tour this temple!

Admission is 200 baths or about 6 dollars and it is also possible to take a guide to make the visit. Different languages are offered such as English, Spanish or Mandarin for example.

So I came out of this temple around 12AM and enjoy to have a lunch.

Then go to the Pratunam market by taxi.

It is the largest market in Bangkok and the densest in all of Thailand. It is also described as one of the best places to shop where you can find all styles and all types of accessories.

Clothes are very inexpensive! Rather a good plan suddenly ... To have compared with other places in Bangkok, it is indeed, much more affordable.

After spending the afternoon there, I returned to the hotel around 6PM.

Around 8 PM, direction a nice restaurant still offering Thai specialties.

They also offered international dishes for the more reluctant among us as well as drinks such as white or red wines! In good French, how not to crack?

After enjoying the meal, I take the opportunity to explore another neighborhood near the city center. A very different atmosphere, far from the hectic life of the Khoasan Road that I was able to discover the first evening! Indeed, it was a more remote area and less explored by tourists.

After this totally different rediscovery of Bangkok by night, I take the opportunity to have a fruit juice at a local merchant. As in Vietnam, there are many stalls offering fruit juices.

Back to the hotel around midnight.

Day 3

The next morning, wake up at 7AM to enjoy the last moments in the city and see for a last the beautiful shows.

Then take a bus to the airport for about an hour and a half

Return to Ho Chi Minh in the early evening.

Weekends in Bangkok are very interesting and especially if you travel alone! Another way to discover the city!

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