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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Embark on a luxurious railway adventure through the lush landscapes and spectacular coastlines of Central Vietnam aboard The Vietage.

Vietnam's railway history is quite emblematic. The railway made its appearance in Vietnam with the construction of the first line linking Saigon to My Tho, in the Mekong Delta, in 1881. Vietnam's railway network now connects the north to the south of the country. It is inherited from the former colonial network of Indochina.

At its peak, the country had about 2,600 km of lines. The most important is the line from Saigon to Hanoi: 1,726 km of mainline nicknamed the “Transindochinese” or “Tangerine line”. Travel by train is often an experience: journeys as long as by car or bus and sometimes no more comfortable.

Inspired by the beauty of Vietnam and the luxury of period train travel, The Vietage takes you back in time.

This new connection between Da Nang to Quy Nhon combines old-world comfort, breath-taking views, and gourmet dining to leave you inspired, refreshed, and ready for your next destination.

The elegant carriage is exclusive to just 12 passengers. It links Da Nang to the unhurried coastlines of Quy Nhon, 318 kilometers to the south, on a six-hour journey. The Vietage departs every morning from Da Nang Railway Station at 09:31, arriving in Quy Nhon at 15:31. It makes the return journey in the late afternoon, departing from Dieu Tri Railway Station at 17:29 and arriving in Da Nang at 23:01.

The ticket price is about 185 USD and includes:

  • A luxurious rail journey

  • Three-course gourmet dining

  • Snacks

  • Selected free-flow wines, beers, soft drinks, tea, and coffee

  • Head and shoulder treatments

  • WiFi

For further information or to book your ticket, feel free to contact The Vietage Experience

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