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Trip to Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Located 2 hours from Phuket in Thailand by ferry, Koh Phi Phi Phi is a small piece of paradise. The archipelago is composed of six islands. The main island is small and you can do everything on foot. On one side of Koh Phi Phi Phi, most tourists are young people who come to enjoy beach parties sleeping in inns. (By the way, these parties stop at 1 am at the most.) On the other side of the island you will find beautiful seaside resorts in a peaceful atmosphere.

What to do?


- Half a day on a longtaill boat with Mr Chet

We tried it for you and it is the best memory we will keep of Koh Phi Phi Phi. We booked a longtail boat tour, these long boats typical of Thailand. We were 6 people on the boat. You can also request a private tour, the price will only depend on the number of people on board. The staff was very friendly, helpful and accommodating with our timing. They took pictures with their go-pro throughout the tour.

First, you will head to the Viking Cave and dive into the bay of Loh Sa Mah Mah and observe the seabed with all kinds of fish and small sharks. Then you will swim and relax in the sumptuous lagoon of Pi Leh. For lunch, head to Loh Samah Bay where you can enjoy a Thai meal and relax on the beach. Then you will discover the famous bay of Maya, where the film "The Beach" with Leonardo Di Caprio was shot. In June 2018, access to the beach was denied due to mass tourism that destroyed the ecosystem. Finally, you will have the opportunity to swim and feed monkeys in a small stream.

To avoid mass tourism, this option is our favorite! You can take a look at some photos we took during that day below. You can visit Mr. Chet’s website here.

-Find the best point of view

The island of Phi Phi Phi has an unusual shape, it is like an "H"; the two vertical bars of the "H" are mountainous and covered with jungle. Located at 186 m altitude, it takes about 20 to 40 minutes to get there by taking a well marked and paved path through this mountain.

- Kayaking on the turquoise waters 

In terms of price, it will cost you about 150-300 baht/hour, or 200-350 baht/hour for a kayak for two people. 800 baht maximum for one day.

Do not hesitate to jump out of the kayak and go snorkeling to discover beautiful and colorful fish.

Where to eat?

$: Dow Restaurant

Food and atmosphere are great!

Address: 125/34 Moo 7, Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

$$: Aroy Kaffeine

Restaurant to do if you come to Koh Phi Phi

Address: 125/48 Moo 7, Koh Phi Phi Don, Ao nang, Krabi, Ko Phi Phi Don

$$$: Mama Resto

From breakfast to the evening bar, mama restaurant offers delicious dishes

Address: 199, Moo 7, Ton Sai Bay, Ko Phi Phi

Where to stay?

$: Phi Phi Beach Front Resort

By the sea, for very affordable prices

Address: Moo 7, Koh Phi Phi, Aonang, Muang, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

$$: Phi Phi Villa Resort

Bungalow hotel located 50m from the beach and 10min from the city centre

Address: 1 Moo 7, Aonang, Muang, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

$$$: Villa 360

The rooms have an incredible view of this paradise island

Address: 58 Moo 8, Ao Nang , Muang, Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

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